Professional Sales Management £1900

Are you interested in finding out what makes a successful salesperson in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude? Sales is the foundation stone upon which organisations are built. The Level 6 Professional Sales Management course seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of salespeople whilst also providing them with a professional qualification platform to match their career aspirations. The learner will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the history of selling as an activity; the traditional image of salespeople; the variety and complexity of sales roles; and the people engaged in sales activities; and how this might impact upon sales success.
  • Explore and compare the sales profession to other professions and to determine what can be learned from this to improve sales success.
  • Explore and evaluate the effectiveness of a structured approach to selling and to use this knowledge to construct a strategic and tactical sales process.
  • Acquire and demonstrate how effective communication works within a sales context.






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